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Join the Biggest Andrology and Sexual Health event of 2022

If you are sexual medicine practitioner or industry, here’s a world event that you can’t afford to miss. Welcome to Joint Andrology Workshop and World Congress JAWS 2022 at New Delhi, India from 5th to 7th August.

150+ Lectures

World renowned faculty brings the latest science on hottest topics in Sexology and Andrology

Never Before Add-ons

See the museum of Sexology with Ancient Artefacts live and experience an in house Men’s Health Clinic

10+ Workshops

Your practice may be related to anything around sexual health, be it coaching, counselling, medication, surgical aspects – we cover them all.

Experience India – the land of Kamasutra

India is the origin ground for Kamasutra, the first ever documentation on Sexual health. Experience the country and its rich culture with JAWS 2022 post conference tours.

Choose your Track

We cover everyone involved in sexual health, be it a sex coach, a sex therapist, a sex counsellor, a primary physician, a sexual health practitioner or an Andrologist. There is a lot for everyone.

Meet the Industry Experts and Expand your Sexual health Practice

Sexual health industry is vast and we are bringing the leaders of the industry and their aids under one roof.

Our Faculty

Rajeev Sood – Organizing Chairman
Organizing Committee

Rajeev Sood – Organizing Chairman

By March 8, 2022 1
Dear Colleagues, Sexologist / Urologist / Andrologist / Oncologist along with adjunct specialties viz. Cardiology, Psychiatry, Endocrinology, Orthopedics, Reproductive Medicine, Rehabilitation Medicine are
Raman Tanwar – Organizing Secretary
Organizing Committee

Raman Tanwar – Organizing Secretary

By April 14, 2022 0
Joint Andrology workshop and world congress aims to be a comprehensive global event that attracts each and every medical professional
Dr Sanjay Deshpande – Chairperson, CSEPI

Dr Sanjay Deshpande – Chairperson, CSEPI

By May 23, 2022 0
2022 is a special year for all Indians. We have completed 75 years as an independent country during these 75 years, we have
Organizing Committee

Dr. Padmini Prasad – Secretary ,CSEPI

By August 19, 2022 0
It is heartening to note that a great conference JAWS with knowledge feast is being organised at New Delhi in

Our Knowledge Partners

Council of Sex Education and Parenthood International

International Association of Sexual Medicine Practitioners – Modern Medicine

Best For Him – Media Partner

South Asian Society of Sexual Medicine

Andrology India

Men’s Health Society of India

Indian Andropause Society

Let’s learn together about
Sexual Health and Andrology
with world renowned Experts

Its a three day event with over 150 lectures, 10 workshops and a huge industry participation.
There are live museums and Men’s Health Clinics so that you learn the practical aspects as well with ease.