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Dr Sanjay Deshpande – Chairperson, CSEPI

2022 is a special year for all Indians.

We have completed 75 years as an independent country during these 75 years, we have developed our nation and now India is considered as a fifth largest economy in the world. We grew in all aspects of life including the infrastructure, the living standards and environmental parameters. We need to go a long way to reach all the standards of the above parameters with the developed world but regarding the trained manpower in health we are still not up to the mark. COVID 19 showed us our shortcomings. The same is true regarding sexual medicine. After 75 years of Independence, we are still lacking in the trained doctors in sexual medicine. There are few urologists, andrologists, psychiatrists or venerologists practicing sexual medicine but still we are not having any speciality course in sexual medicine. We are organizing the Sexology Conference in this 75th year of Independence at Delhi. We need to deliberate on this important aspect of medical education and request the National Medical Commission and GOI to start such speciality course in near future. Nearly two third of India lives in Bharat i.e., rural India. They always fall prey to quacks and CSEPI with all partner organisations should start the work of spreading the awareness regarding sexuality education. The main causes of sexual problems stem from ignorance and myths regarding human sexuality. Sexuality Education can play an important preventive role in the treatment of sexual problems in rural and poor India. But for this we need trained manpower and this is being done through our annual and mid-term conferences across India. 

I request all those who are interested in Sexual Medicine as well as Sex Education, Counselling and Therapy to register for this milestone conference and make it a grand success.