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Dr. Padmini Prasad – Secretary ,CSEPI

Dr. Padmini Prasad – Secretary ,CSEPI

It is heartening to note that a great conference JAWS with knowledge feast is being organised at New Delhi in Aug 2022. The conference is enlightening the medical profession of varied fields, regarding sexual and reproductive health. The theme,  “Freedom from ignorance and celebrating sexuality” is very apt in the present day scenario. Sexual medicine as a speciality is not taught either at under graduate or postgraduate level in medical colleges. There has been ignorance, inadequate knowledge and rampant myths and misconceptions, as far as sex and sexuality are concerned. Any disease, operation and medication has a great impact on sexual functioning of both men and women.

Sexual health and function are important determinants of “Quality of Life” Sex is for procreation, Recreation and Relation.

The organising committee and faculty comprises of knowledgeable, experienced and dedicated stalwarts in the field. Everyone can go home with great and clear cut take home messages with a satisfactory feeling of attending a successful conference.

I wish the conference a great success.

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