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Raman Tanwar – Organizing Secretary

Joint Andrology workshop and world congress aims to be a comprehensive global event that attracts each and every medical professional working in the field of andrology, sexology and reproductive medicine. We aim to make it a rich combination of science, Cultural extravaganza, and industry around sexual health. We also aim to bring this congress to the masses by connecting our experts with commons through various social channels which will eventually also help common people to reach and know or recognize their experts.

Our endeavour also is to get a global representation of all expects of sexual medicine for which we are doing our best efforts to increase the outreach of their global event through various national as well as international associations of science.

I hope that these efforts with the cooperation of our excellent faculty and delegates will be fruitful in painting their congress with global colours.

Hoping to meet you at JAWS 2022, New Delhi.

Dr Raman Tanwar

Organizing Secretary – JAWS 22